Life insurance is a safety net for your family should you pass away, to help them continue to support themselves.

It pays out a certain amount (which you set when you buy the policy) to your
beneficiaries when you pass away. It’s a simple way you can provide for them financially if you’re not there to do so.

Two common types of Life Insurance

There are two common types of life insurance. “Permanent” life insurance provides coverage for a lifetime rather than for a term length. Because permanent life insurance provides lifetime coverage, it’s more expensive. And you may need someone to help you sort through all the choices.

The other common type is “Term” insurance, which is the only kind we sell on our site. Our options cover you for either 20 or 30 years (whichever you choose). Term insurance pays your beneficiaries if you pass away while the policy is active. And it costs less than Permanent life insurance.

If you decide Term Insurance is the way to go, we offer two simple options. ValoraLife Term is a straightforward Term policy, like the one described above. Or ValoraLife Term Plus, a Term policy with a return of premium feature that pays back everything you paid in if you outlive the term you selected.*

*Less policy fees, any Policy Debt, and substandard premiums (if applicable).

Learn more about our product options and how they differ.

How we determine the cost of your policy

Key factors:
  • Your gender, current health and age
  • Your lifestyle
  • The amount you want to insure yourself for

A 44-year old skydiver with a bad heart who wants $500,000 worth of insurance is going to pay more than a 28-year old yoga instructor in good health who wants the same amount of life insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

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